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Our basic web development is completed within 4-8 weeks. This assumes that all the requirements are provided immediately and that you can provide revisions and QA quickly.

The cost will always be broken down so you know where your money is going. We believe in complete transparency because our prices are fair. Domain name registry, hosting, and server costs are extra. We are here to help you with obtaining hosting and domain names through our service providers that have great products and quality customer support the fee varies based on platform, sales available and registration length.

We use WordPress along with a page builder.  All pages are built this way which allows our clients to easily add pages using templates, with unlimited layouts, using drag and drop visual editing, without coding knowledge. BUT if you are new to tech this is probably not the place to start on a live site.

  • My first answer is always how inexpensive it is to get a website that runs on WordPress. This opens up the possibilities for a one person business to have the same virtual presence as the big guys once they learn some of the tricks!
  • It is flexible and easy to use open-source content management system, with worldwide community support system
  • Themes with responsive web design and pre designed layouts make it easy to get started and create a well designed site in no time.
  • There are literally TONS of YouTube videos showing you how to use every part of your website(well maybe not literally or tons…)

Development best practices ….blah, blah, blah.  Look,  if you launch on Friday or over the weekend and our tech support team are out living their lives (I know! HOW DARE THEY!) you may be left with a errors on launch weekend and that would not be good for anybody! So long story short…its the tech support teams fault!

We build every website optimized for SEO, this is not full SEO service. That is not only continuous but takes time time so to keep entry costs low that is optional rather than standard. At the early stages of the online business journey most are still honing in on their client avatar. Without a fully rounded character you will have a hard time create well optimized content.

No. The site is either built offsite or on a staging site and if not we build behind a coming soon gateway. We also do not provide login credentials until the handover to avoid inadvertent changes on the production site.

With all our website design jobs there are at least two “scheduled” revision points. First is after the first layout and design are completed. You will then provide revisions and edits. The second one is after your first revisions and edits are completed. If there are more corrections that would include tweaking design and correcting grammer and other errors we finally present the site itself for final approval.

Please note that at this last stage revisions would have to be minimal. No design changes or extensive work that requires more than half a day to execute are permitted.

FAQs about OWD Maintenance Plans

Q: What is the difference between the basic support and the other levels?

A: Basic WordPress maintenance includes updating themes and plugins, creating weekly backups of the website stored off-site, security checks/updates and broken link checking. The other plans come with content uploads and changes along with additional specific support requests that could include trouble shooting an issue.

Q: What if I do not use my hours each month?

A: The support hours will not roll over to the next month if not used. We tried to figure out how, but since we have hours blocked off monthly trying to roll over hours proved to be a logistical nightmare….🥴😵

Q: Does this plan require a contract?

A: All our Maintenance plans are subscription plans that can be cancelled at any time. No contract.

Q: What are my billing options:

A: This is a subscription so your options are to pay or not to pay (that is the question)or cancel, you can also cancel.

Q: Can I use this plan for more than one website?

A: Each website requires its own plan.

Q: Can I have additional help with adding content or making changes to my site included in this plan?

A: The basic plan does not have this option, but you can always request content addition for a fee or you could go to the higher level plan that covers the amount of content you want to add.

The higher level plans come with content addition that varies based on the plan.

Q: What if I need more than hours of support included in my Support Plan?

A: Since you are a maintenance client, you always have the option to upgrade to one of our premium Website Maintenance Plans in order to add more hours to your plan.  You can upgrade for just one month or permanently to a bigger plan.

Q: How do I submit a request for website help?

A: Support requests can be sent to  Support@ominowebdesign.com . Our support hours are Monday – Friday 10am – 6pm EST. Our staff is always available to assist you and handle requests during these hours.

Q: Are there limitations to how often I can contact you under this plan?

A:  We are here to take emails from our customers as often as needed.  If we can help that way we will. If not we will make the recommendation for what we beleive is suited to help you.

Please feel free to submit any questions you have here and we will be happy to answer them directly to you as well as add them on this page for others to see. You never know your question may become one of the popular ones! 🙂


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