We Use The Latest
Ai Technology For Our Voice Over Agency…

Our voice over agency uses the latest AI technology to provide you with high-quality voice overs.

I was fed up with hiring expensive voice over talent and getting low quality results. Then I found AI technology and it changed my life!

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Voice Over Agency | Omino Web Design

We use the latest AI technology for our voice over agency.

When I started my voice over agency, I was overwhelmed with the amount of work involved and how expensive it was to hire people to do the work. That’s why we use the latest AI technology to help us scale and deliver a great experience to our customers.

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We are a new voice over agency that uses the latest technology to provide high quality voice overs.

We have multiple AI systems that can mimic human voices and record high-quality audio files.

We can help you save time and money by providing you with high-quality scripts for your videos, audios, ads etc.

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The modern customer wants to see or hear about your product or service… so, creating high quality voice overs and videos to market your products is the key. Our way makes it easier and faster! Even consumers who don’t want to read can consume your content easily.

What about the revolution in marketing...

With over 100 million videos watched on TikTok, Reels and Facebook  and other social media daily with YouTube taking the lead with almost 5 BILLION watched every single day… creating high quality videos with professional sounding voices is growing in popularity, with the help of AI.

All these proves one thing...
VIDEO CONVERTS AND CONVERTS WITHOUT EFFORT! Ai is changing the game for those who don't want to be on camera.

Voice Over Agency | Omino Web Design

But Wait A Minute …
AI Voice overs help create consistent and high quality products BUT they are expensive if you want the best quality
They are also not easy to SETUP AND SUSTAIN

Making good and high quality voice overs ISN’T a
DIY easy project...It requires a lot! You’ll need:

Premium tools to create high quality sound recordings to represent your brand.

You’ll need content writers, production and marketing required to make a profit.

Recordings need editing whether they are human or AI to provide a professional finished product.

It takes more than a few clicks of a button to get the best quality and most human sounding AI voice over sound…
We know our clients want the best for their companies!!!

But your days of being left out are over… our software will even the playing ground

We do the hard work and deliver only results. As an agency we have worked with many businesses, produced countless videos and ran hundreds of video marketing campaigns with a lot of successes.

Voice Over Agency | Omino Web Design

We have an arsenal of solid and premium voice over and video creation software… we will get your course, ads, webinar, explainer video done with little or no efforts from you.

Our team of experienced sound engineers, video editors and video content marketing professionals are some of the best and our reviews speak volumes!

Voice Over Agency | Omino Web Design

That’s not all

With our experience in this space, we implement market tested voice over scripts into your marketing videos for maximum conversions ……. to further reassure you we track and tweak our campaigns as the need arises to make sure they are fully optimized.

Our Result Speaks Volume

Here are some of the
voice over options

Voice Over Agency | Omino Web Design

Sales Video

Voice Over Agency | Omino Web Design

Marketing Video

Voice Over Agency | Omino Web Design

Course Video

Voice Over Agency | Omino Web Design

Explainer Video

Voice Over Agency | Omino Web Design

Intro Video

Voice Over Agency | Omino Web Design

Outro Video

Here is more on why you must take advantage of voice overs for videos

You can use the audio for teaching & coaching your clients to consume.

Voice overs gives everyone including introverts the ability to do videos.

You can finally produce videos and courses for your business to engage visitors.

Everyone loves videos! ...and that means more visibility for you and your brand.

Video sells and everyone prefers to watch a video rather than read long text even mobile users.

Professional consistent voice overs for your courses will work wonders!

Keeping visitors n your site longer watching videos,
signals that your site has good content.

Ready to take advantage of this game changer?

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