WordPress Websites Versus HTML Websites

The two most common ways to create a website today are by creating a WordPress Website or an HTML website. Out of the two HTML sites have been around the longest, they were the first type of websites available. However, they are also the hardest to create for the average person and also very costly if you hire a website developer.

You Need to Learn Code with HTML websites

The biggest difference between HTML websites and WordPress Websites is that you need to create coded files that needed to be uploaded to your websites file manager. Every time you wanted to make even the slightest change you would have to edit and re-upload the files.

This caused two major issues; first you needed to take the time to learn HTML coding practices, secondly the time required to constantly make the changes. If you hired a designer for your website, you had to use them each time you want to add new content. This would have cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

Simple and clear installation and use iwth WordPress Websites

WordPress Website came out around 2003 and were at first used by bloggers. Today they have advanced into static websites, at the touch of a button, which can easily be updated by anyone. With the addition of page builders and templates, you can also easily customize your website. You can now create very expensive looking websites with some help from a designer, but with less knowledge required when it comes to editing these websites.

Once you have installed a WordPress Website it is much easier to login to your dashboard and make changes. Don’t get me wrong, it is not an effortless endeavor, but it requires less technical skills than HTML websites. You can publish videos, add new posts and articles, change out your affiliate links and add images without the need to code or upload any new files directly to your file manager.

The easiest way to construct your website

If you are looking for the easiest way to construct your website, then we
highly recommend using WordPress and a page builder like Elementor. While there is a learning curve, it is fairly short for those not intimidated by the prospect of messing up and starting over a few times to get things right. Once you spend a little time familiarizing yourself with how things work, you are going to enjoy the flexibility and ease of use.

Getting A domain Name and Hosting for your WordPress website

The best way to set up your WordPress website is by registering a domain name this will be the link you give to people to visit your website such as: https://www.yourdomainnamehere.com

Then you will need to open a hosting account such as Blue Host, Namecheap , or SiteGround which is my personal favorite. Once your account is set up you simply go into your cPanel (or whatever system your hosting company is using) and install WordPress from there. Most hosting companies are now offering WordPress hosting or auto setup, which is very convenient, but not necessary since installing WordPress on your own does not require a great deal of expertise.

Wordpress Website Versus Html Websites | Omino Web Design

Is it Time To Hire An Expert?

Not sure or feeling lost? Some hosting companies provide great assistance with installing WordPress, the price will range from free to $50 and up. The other option is to get a web designer to do the setup and design of your WordPress Website for you. Many hosting companies also have easy to follow tutorials that show you how to do this. Or find someone who teaches the way you understand on YouTube since there are a ton of videos available.

Once set up you need to select a theme for your WordPress Website, this would have been part of the design process in a HTML site. There are hundreds of free website themes that you can use to get you started. Don’t get bogged down at this stage, since a theme can always be changed later on.

WordPress is very easy to use and set up. It can be customized as little or as much as you wish. Plus you can use your WordPress Website for any type of site, from a simple blog to a  complex eCommerce website.

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Wordpress Website Versus Html Websites | Omino Web Design

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